Magpies are smart. They’re chatty and make sure to be heard. They are sleek, colorful and confident when they fly. They’re everywhere you look in the Greater Denver area, where we were founded. And while we can’t quite bring actual Magpies to our new home base in Metro Detroit, we can bring everything that’s inspired us about that fancy bird to Michigan and beyond. And we do.

We are Magpie Media, founded on a passion for clear, creative and effective communication, and the confidence and experience to get information about you or your organization to the audience you want, near and far.

We are here to focus on the words and communication that are so important to the success of your brand, but aren’t necessarily the focus of your time. You have a business to run and work to do. You know you need stellar website copy, a press release written and a targeted email marketing campaign, but you just don’t have the time to handle it or learn it. That’s where we come in.

Our services range from proofreading and editing the copy you write, to writing all the content you need; from building and managing an email marketing campaign to consulting on best practices to do it yourself. Check out our services page for more details or contact us.

Magpie Media is where to go when you have something to say.



No cookie-cutter approaches, each client has a distinctive "voice." Somehow, Jacquelyn crawls into our heads and says what we want to say. . . only way better!

Linda Ross 
Speaking Coach


Magpie Media was amazing to work with. Jacquelyn is excellent at interpreting a company's strengths and finding its voice. She was incredibly professional during the entire process and very easy to work with. Her business practice is efficient and makes the entire process run seamlessly.

Pamela Martien-Koch
Clear Creek Behavior Services

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